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This is the most advantageous saw for all coping saw crafts.

  • Easily cuts in all directions.
  • No need to stop cutting and rotate blade to change direction.
  • Comfortable ergonomically designed to fit your hand.
  • Cuts notches and sharp V contours that are impossible with a flat blade.
  • Cuts most metals, plastics, bone & wood.
  • Stronger and more durable than twisted flat blades.
  • The .040" and .050" diameter blades can be inserted through a small whole for internal cuts by removing and re-attaching one blade end.

For cutting intricate shapes, Bestway’s Spyral blade technology allows any change in direction without the frequent breakage experienced with conventional coping saw blades.


Designed specially for use with the unique Spyral sawblade, the round wire blade with the spiral tooth.

Each Freestyle Saw Kit comes with the saw and a sample pack of Spyral saw blades:

  • 1 each .028" diameter
  • 2 each .040" diameter
  • 1 each .050" diamter



FREESTYLE SAW $5.95 per 5 pack

Freestyle Saw Blade .028 x 6" (5/ea)

Freestyle Saw Blade .040 x 6" (5/ea)

Freestyle Saw Blade .050 x 6" (5/ea)

Please note that a $5 shipping charge will be added to all Domestic orders, and a $15 shipping charge will be added to all International orders.